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Computer & Laptop Stands

A computer stand is a simple piece of furniture that holds your computer up. If you don't want to purchase a desk, or maybe just not install or assemble one, then a stand is a simple alternative. Little assembly is required for a computer stand as all it's doing is sitting underneath your computer, holding it in place. If you don't want to do much work, then a computer stand makes things easy. You can also purchase a monitor stand to support your monitor if you wish. Also you may be interested in brackets and wall mounting equipment for your LCD or HDTV as well. You can find these LCD mounting brackets and other on the monitor support page.

Monitor support page

This page is for computer stands. It does not have monitor stands. We have another page that has stands and supports for holding up your monitor. If you are looking for a stand or support for your monitor, please check out this page. We have stands and supports for LCD, Plasma, HDTV screens and much more.

Computer Stand Reviews

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