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HP Laser Printers

HP manufactures a number of different computer components. Printers, cameras and scanners are their specialty. HP produces a wide range of software. Generally when you buy an HP device, you get a nice little HP software suite

that comes with it. For instance, for about $100-200 in North America you can purchase an HP scanner + camera combo. The camera plugs into the scanner. The scanner has an LCD screen on it so you can see what's on the camera right on the scanner.
And then you have some nice software to make it all work and transfer the photos from the scanner to the computer.

HP's products are setup mostly for plug and play operations. Usually you can buy an HP scanner, printer etc. and have it setup and running in less then 30 minutes.
That's a pretty good track record.

Below we have reviews of HP laser printers. Be sure to find one you like and let us know what part you liked best by leaving a review.

HP Laser Printer Reviews

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