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Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are a required piece of the puzzle. Nowadays, everyone tends to use an LCD monitor. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Many new LCD monitors now use the DVI, or digital video input standard.

DVI is a white rectangular connector for the most part. Connections using DVI look much better then the old VGA standard. The picture is clearer and more vibrant. Newer LCD monitors also have the HDMI standard input as well. HDMI is the newest type of connection for use with monitors and TVs. HDMI is a very clear picture and is the best standard for high definition videos and games at the moment.

Cathode Ray Tube CRT

The first monitors that were used with computers used cathode ray tubes (CRT). Up until the 1980s, these units would actually be attached to the computer and keyboard. These monitors were only black and white, or monochrome. They flickered and the quality of the image was not very good.

Color Graphics Adapter CGA

IBM brought in CGA or Color Graphics Adapter in 1981. This could display four colors on the screen, and a resoloution up to 320 by 200 pixels. It could also do 640 x 200 pixels with two colors. IBM then came out with EGA or enhanced graphics adapter, in 1984. EGA was capable of 16 colors and could do a resoloution of 640 by 350.

Liquid Crystal Display - LCD

LCD was a bit hit when laptops were just coming to the market in the 90s. LCD was smaller, lighter weight and less power being used than CRT. You could have different options for your laptop as well. There was active or passive monochrome, passive color, as well as active matrix color (TFT). As LCD caught on and more were being produced, the monochrome and passive color concepts were removed from product lines.

TFT-LCD is a type of LCD monitor that is now the most prevalent type of technology used for computer monitors.

Computer LCD Monitor Reviews

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