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Computer desks - Solid Wood, Oak, Glass, Corner and more

Looking for a computer desk? At Computer Desk Info, we strive to make sure you find a desk that suits you. We have many different types of computer desks here available. And, if you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to come visit our sisiter site at Computer Desk Info! Computer Desk Info has been serving the Internet populace for over three years now, and we often add new products to both sites. Enjoy!

Solid Wood Computer Desks

Many people out there are shall we say, wood nuts. Many do not like glass because it breaks too easily. Others still like just the smooth, seductive feel of real wood. It's just a matter of texture. Or, if you're a carpenter, you may have worked with wood all your life, and can think of nothing better to form your computer desk. Not all desks we will in this category will be 100% solid wood, so be sure to read each review carefully to find what you're after.

Oak computer desks, cherry computer desks

Oak and cherry computer desks are two highly sought after forms of wood. Often times, you may be looking for Oak or cherry hardwood flooring to go with your oak or cherry wood furniture. Or, perhaps vice versa! In any case, oak wood is a beautiful darker or lighter blend, depending upon which you choose. Cherry wood is generally red in appearance, also either darker or lighter. You can have dark cherry wood office furniture or light; same with oak.

Glass computer desks

Many glass computer desks, especially frosted glass computer desks, have appealing features and characteristics. These characteristics include a smooth, see-through surface. You can also be after a mult-surface glass computer desk, which has many areas for holding your office supplies, printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and more.

We hope you find the computer desk you are after. If not, please use our contact us form to let us know what you're looking for!

- The Editors

Computer and Office Desk Reviews

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