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TV Tuner Cards

TV Tuner cards are great if you want to convert your computer monitor into a TV. Maybe you bought an expensive monitor, and now you don't want to have to buy a TV too. So, why not convert the monitor into a TV and use it for both things? Easy to do. With a TV tuner card, you can plug your cable line into your computer. Then, you can watch TV on your PC just like you were watching it on the TV screen. Same thing, really. It might even look better on your PC if you have a nice video card in there.

It's also possible to purchase a high definition (HD) tuner card as well. If you subscribe to HD cable services, you can then plug the cable line into your TV tuner card that is broadcasting HD cable. You can then watch the HD picture on your computer monitor. These days there are also PVRs as well as High Def PVRs which may also be able to connect to your computer as well, just like connecting a PVR to your TV.


Your computer must be newer to use a HD tv tuner card

Older PCs & laptops will not work with an HD tv tuner card. Most of the time, you also must have a desktop to install a HD tuner card, or a tuner card in general. Laptops do not have the slot for the tuner card to plug in. You would have to purchase a laptop that comes with this technology built into the laptop itself. The reason you would need a newer desktop to run this is because you would likely need to be running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Personally, we recommend Windows 7 as most manufacturers these days are creating driver sets that work best in the Windows 7 environment.


TV Tuner Card Reviews

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