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Asus Full-HD LED LCD Monitors

Asus manufactures LCD, LED, LED LCD, Full-HD LED, and probably a few other types of monitors as well. The newest and hottest technology is obviously Full-HD LED monitors. Some of these also come with intergrated speakers. One great thing about Asus monitors, is that they are extremely affordable if you compare them to other big names like HP or Dell. We talk about this further on down in the article. The quality of picture you get with an Asus LED/LCD monitor is also great, so there is no reduction in quality due to reduction in price whatsoever.

Considerations when Purchasing an Asus LED LCD Monitor

Some things to watch out for - look for a corporate stable model. Generally, the 1 year warranty on these monitors is quite good. Some may feature a longer warranty period. Corporate stable monitors mean that the parts will be available for the monitor that you purchase for some time. A general issue with any brand of monitors is getting something that is quickly phased out within a year or two, as technology is evolving so rapidly. So finding something that is 'corporate stable' is good.

Different standards to look for when purchasing a monitor. VGA, DVI-D and HDMI. Knowing what connections your video card has is vital to finding the correct monitor. If you are having an older computer, or you don't have an external video card and just using the one that came on your system, then you probably have VGA. DVI is a digital display connection and looks brighter, crisper and more vibrant than VGA. But you probably need to have purchased a video card and installed it into your computer to have DVI.

HDMI is found on most TVs. If you want to hook up your home computer to a TV, then you should look for an HDMI connection on your TV as well as on your video card.

Asus Monitors are More Affordable

One excellent point to make about Asus monitors, is they are extremely affordable. Asus manufactures some of the best motherboards on the market today. Their monitors are not overly expensive. Compared to a brand like HP or Dell, you may find that Asus monitors are very reasonably priced, and that you can get a monitor of equal or even better quality for a less price than some of big brand names out there.

Asus Full-HD LED LCD Monitor Reviews

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