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Dell LED LCD Monitors

Dell manufactures IPS-LED monitors, ultrasharp monitors, flat panels, and different sizes. You can find sizes starting from 16', working all the way up to 22', 24', up to 30' and so on. Ultrasharp is one technology that ensures the monitor has a very crisp and sharp display. To use Ultrasharp correctly, we recommend using a DVI connection so the connection is digital. You can also use HDMI. Both are digital inputs and look much sharper than VGA would.

Dell PremierColor monitors have more technology in terms of the color display matrix. The color in a PremierColor monitor looks very vibrant and lovely to look at. If you intend to watch movies, or play games on your computer, Premier Color might be a technology from Dell that you are interested in investing in.

Some monitors from Dell offer a larger display resoloution as well. Most monitors can do a resoloution of 1920x1080. Some dell monitors like the Ultrasharp U2412M have been designed to do a resoloution of 1920x1200. These extra 120 pixels can make a difference in terms of what you are doing on the computer. More vertical space means less scrolling of websites. You can see more when you are viewing photos. Being able to read more of that email without scrolling, too.

Dell LED LCD Monitor Reviews

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