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Rolltop Computer Desks

Roll top computer desks are a bit of an innovation over a normal computer desk. Roll tops are found on many different things, from bread boxes to music boxes, but the idea to bring the roll top to a computer desk is still somewhat new. Roll top desks can be useful when you're trying to keep that pesky sibling or other family member off your computer. It also becomes of use if your computer is in a public place, and you want to protect it from damage or theft. The top rolls down and in some cases can even be locked to this end.

Oak roll top desks

Oak is a preferred material, not only with roll top desks but with computer desks of all kinds. Oak roll top computer desks are generally smooth, and painted with a sleek finish. Cherry roll top desks Usually red or brown in texture, Cherry is another favorite of computer users around the globe.

Roll Top Computer Desk Hot Buys

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