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Writing Desks

Writing desks usually differ somewhat from computer desks. While a computer desk can be used as a writing desk, and a writing desk can sometimes be used as a computer desk, be careful. Some writing desks are made such that they're not balanced for heavy materials. Writing desks also won't have a place to put your case or tower, you'll have to place it upon the floor. In the long run, you're better off buying a computer desk for your computer, and using it as a writing desk. Because of the modern age, writing is almost nearly outlawed now as anything that needs to be handed in in school or in the office needs to be typed. So, in the long run, you might as well buy a computer desk, and use it as your 'writing desk' - Microsoft Word, that is. Or Wordperfect. Whatever fits your fancy.

Antique writing desks

Don't use an antique writing desk as a substitute for a computer desk. Antique writing desks are usually old and not accustomed to heavy things sitting on them. You don't want to break an antique desk - then it's worth nothing. If you've got an antique writing desk, either use it, or sell it for some money.

Writing Desk Reviews

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