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Computer Desk Plans

Computer desk plans are popular, and should be. Within each of us is a handyman waiting to emerge, and for those of us who have matured in the handyman realm, computer desk plans are a blessing. Watching the home and garden channel, some of us become motivated enough to build our own computer desks from scratch.

Others of us (the smart ones, at least) use a blueprint to construct our desks. A bit of wood here, a few nails there, and before you know it, you've assembled your own computer desk.

One great thing about computer desk plans is, well, they're cheap! A desk may cost you $200 USD, while a plan costs you $5. Sure, you have to buy all the materials, but it may end up costing you a lot less then that $200.

Fair enough, but where can people locate such plans? Good question. Below are some desk plans I've thought were worth mentioning.

A small note; the prices could not be posted on this page. This is because the price is subject to change without notice. However, all plans are under $20 USD.

Computer Desk Plan Reviews

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